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Get the best of all our entertainment services that will leave your guests in awe

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Audio Guestbook: An audio guestbook adds an unparalleled dimension to the wedding experience, weaving together the threads of love, joy, and memories. Unlike traditional written guestbooks, an audio version captures the genuine voices and heartfelt sentiments of the attendees, transforming a mere record into a journey through the emotions of the day. As the laughter, tears, and well-wishes resonate through the audio waves, the listener is transported back to the celebration, creating a timeless connection with the moments that define the union. This auditory keepsake becomes a treasure trove of authentic expressions, ensuring that the essence of the wedding day is not just remembered but deeply felt, fostering a lasting emotional bond that transcends time and distance.

​360 Video Booth: A 360 video booth emerges as a much-needed addition to weddings, serving as a magical portal that transports both the couple and their guests into a world of everlasting memories. Unlike conventional photography, this booth captures the entire ambiance of the celebration, allowing every glance, smile, and dance move to be captured in video by the 360 video booth, the emotional landscape of the wedding is not merely frozen in time but preserves the genuine laughter, heartfelt embraces, and spontaneous moments that define the day.

Selphie Digital Photo Booth:  A selfie digital photo booth emerges as an essential tool for gaining cherished memories at a wedding, capturing the very essence of joy and camaraderie that defines such a special day. In a world where every snapshot tells a story, this booth becomes a catalyst for genuine expressions and lighthearted moments, fostering a sense of unity among guests. Beyond the posed smiles, the digital nature of the booth allows for instant sharing and commemoration, ensuring the emotional vibe of the celebration.  Each candid selfie becomes a timeless memento of laughter, love, and shared happiness of your guest.  

Virtual Photo Booth: A virtual photo booth emerges as an indispensable component of modern weddings, transcending physical boundaries to create a shared space for capturing and celebrating love. In an era where connections may span continents, this digital innovation becomes a bridge that unites friends and family, enabling them to partake in the joyous celebration no matter the distance. Through virtual photo booths, loved ones can virtually join in the revelry, capturing snapshots of their presence in the wedding festivities. The emotional impact lies in the ability to witness the smiles, the quirky poses, and the shared laughter across screens, forging a sense of togetherness that transcends the limitations of physical presence. As each digital image is shared and cherished, the virtual photo booth becomes a symbol of love's endurance, connecting hearts across the digital realm and preserving the emotional resonance of the wedding day for all who participate in this shared visual journey.

Get all 4 services - Up to 4 hours of Service 
Only $900 (Normally $1225)
only 20% ($180) down to hold your date

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